Image module
Nominal diameterDN25~DN200
Nominal pressurePN6~PN110
Medium temperature-46℃~400℃
Connection method
Valve cover form
Body materialWCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M
Trim materialCF8、CF8M、CF8M、CF3M+STL.12
Flow characteristics
Leakage LevelIV Level

Compact structure, small size, light weight, simple flow path, large flow coefficient, wide adjustable range and wide operating temperature range; suitable for large flow, high viscosity, and containing granular media; when the eccentric rotary valve moves, Because the valve stem only performs partial rotary motion, the friction between the valve stem and the packing is small, and the service life of the filler is long. The extension type valve cover of the eccentric rotary valve is integrated with the valve body, and the structure is simple and the heat dissipation effect is good.

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